Image via Amani Haydar/ABC

Muslim feminists in India, Sri Lanka push for divorce rights

13 August 2021

Laws on divorce vary in different countries, intimately bound with women’s rights and access to justice. In many countries where Muslim communities are the minority, there is gaping inequality between men and women in their access to divorce and release…

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Isfahan, Iran - August 20, 2016: Women wearing the islamic veil walking in a street of the covered bazaar of Isfahan

Rethinking Polygamy: Let’s Talk About the Consequences

4 June 2021

Writing about a complex and multifaceted issue like polygamy is not an easy task, especially as the discourses around it remain divisive. Some approve the practice because they see it to be permitted by God, while others oppose it from…

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ماذا قدمت حملة “نحو قوانين أكثر عدالة” خلال عام من العمل؟؟

15 May 2021

في العام الماضي، قامت مساواة بتدشين حملة نحو قوانين أكثر عدالة للأسرة المسلمة، والذي كان مقررًا تدشينه في مارس خلال فعاليات CSW، وذلك للتأكيد على ضرورة تعديل القوانين التمييزية. فلقد كشف وباء الكورونا الحالي عن عدة جوانب في قوانين الأسرة…

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