By 2030, the Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws (CFJ) aims to achieve the following:

In Tier 1 countries

India, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland

Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain

Countries with active reform efforts by the national governments, and / or groups that are actively working on reforming one or more Muslim Family Laws (MFL)-related issues

Legislative, procedural change on MFL

Amendments to provisions in law on at least one MFL issue, changes in procedures on family law & effective enforcement. Government- led awareness raising campaigns on MFL issues

Significant government commitment to reform – setting up reform committees, MFL reform included in government plans and budgets, lifting of CEDAW reservations on Article 16, ratifying CEDAW if not ratified, and others.

Governments proactively to include women activists and women’s groups as key actors in reform efforts.

In Tier 2 countries

Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh

Kenya, South Africa

Iraq, Lebanon

Countries where family law reform efforts are emerging and / or groups and individual advocates need to be established/ strengthened in order to push for reform of one or more MFL-related issues.

Visible & active movements

Active groups pushing for reform at least on MFL issue (clear asks, calls to action)

Governments show interest, some commitment towards reform (researching, collecting data, consultations with women’s groups).