The COVID-19 global health pandemic has laid bare existing inequalities and gender gaps, and how longstanding discriminations in Muslim family laws exacerbate women’s vulnerabilities.

Join Hyshyama Hamin (Sri Lanka) in this exciting conversation with Zainah Anwar (Malaysia), Marwa Sharafeldin (Egypt), and Hala AlKarib (Sudan) as they make the case for the urgency of family law reform and the links between the gendered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and discrimination in the family.

At a time when those in authority are likely to use the crisis as an excuse to minimise the critical importance of law reform to advance women’s rights, our speakers will lay out why equality in the family remains an urgent priority for communities and decision-makers alike.


The Global Conference on Muslim Family Law Reform is the inaugural international gathering for Musawah’s Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws, which aims to bring together women’s rights activists, academics and policy makers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to create a global momentum for the urgent necessity to end discrimination against women in the family. For more information on and to join the Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws, visit

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