If equality and justice are indisputable objectives of the Shari’ah, why aren’t they reflected in Muslim family laws? Can there be an equal construction of gender rights from within the Muslim tradition? If so, what are the strategies needed to achieve this?

In this webinar, Ziba Mir-Hosseini (Musawah & SOAS), Zahia Jouirou (University of Manouba), Rozana Isa (Sisters in Islam) and Sarah Marsso (Musawah) will explore key concepts and methodologies for change from within the Muslim legal framework.

Through a conversation moderated by Rozana Isa, the speakers will debunk the myths and assumptions that have informed discriminatory practices and rules in Muslim legal tradition, and offer examples of juristic methods and mechanisms to push for reform of contemporary family laws.


The Global Conference on Muslim Family Law Reform is the inaugural international gathering for Musawah’s Campaign for Justice in Muslim Family Laws, which aims to bring together women’s rights activists, academics and policy makers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to create a global momentum for the urgent necessity to end discrimination against women in the family.

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